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Before we begin: Velas'a is one of my OCs - since FFXIV is very open to OCs.
Also, Garlemald on the FF Wikia.

Nero tol Scaeva was born to a lower class family in the empire. Nobody special - a bas farmer, on the outskirts of the city.

However, Nero was not a normal man, even at this point. He was smart (if not too focused), and so his family got him to work hard. From his early age, he learned that if he worked hard enough, he could be seen as famous. Popular. The best. And so, he tried. He even managed to get into the best schools, though his family did have to pay for them by doing quite twisted things. Things he never figured out. As a youth, he also enjoyed folk tales.

Though he got nearly top marks in school (behind Cid Garlond, genius son of Midas), one incident scarred him forever. It was when he was in his early 20s, and working on a better form of levitation for airships. Though he loathed him at the time, he had invited Garlond - along with Velas'a Faegyln, child of Cihd'a Faegyln, expert in ships of many kinds. The three worked hard - in order to make better propulsion for ships and thus make the Garlean army more effective.

And then it exploded. Each of the three men lost a part of their body to this. Velas'a, both of his legs. Cid, one of his arms. And Nero? He lost the other arm. However, luckily for them, Velas'a desired to fix this and help by showing a device he had been working on as a hobby... false limbs, controlled by the weaker Garlean aether. Even if the cat was not of the city, he decided to help. For this, he... never got rewarded, for he never spoke of it to anybody else. Instead, Nero modified his own arm to be hidden and look like flesh. However, deep down, he couldn't understand the kindness of that Miqo'te.

Time went on, and after school, Nero only had more reason to become jealous of Cid. Cid grew to be famous and desired by all for not just his father, but his abilities to invent so quickly. And he was just so... so... friendly! Eventually, Garlond fled (with some shophands) and Nero thought this was his chance. However, clearly, he was still being compared with that damned Garlond. Even when he became the right hand man of Gaius Van Baelsar to help destroy Eorzea, he felt an anger for which he could not sate with his toys.

Ah, his toys. Like most Garleans, Nero was fascinated by the ancient empire of Allag, and their technology. Even if he was meant to spy on the high-ups of Eorzea, he also kept an eye out for any artifacts which may lay in this world. He did find interest in the Warrior of Light (a person immune to the abilities of Primal? How fascinating - would he be able to use them later?), but he found much more interest when Garleans uncovered an ancient weapon, pointed to by the Ascian Lahabrea. Nero, of course, put his trust in the Ascian but also in the weapon. He was even given the ablity to make it stronger and modify it!

And so he did. It was unleashed, and destroyed Primals. But, that was not enough. Eorzea would not fall, and people still thought he wasn't the best. And then, horror of horrors, a group of adventurers were trying to fight. He got word during this time that Velas'a had fled, because his brother was one of these adventurers. And then he was confronted by the same adventurers who killed Livia and took down the Castrum. He was surprised, to say the least, that they were stronger then him. But Nero was not ready to die, and so he fled, leaving Gauis to his fate. (He did not even watch, for he needed to get away. But, of course, he still listened in to the adventurers screaming into their Linkpearls that they had defeated Ultima Weapon, and heard of the celebration.)

After Gaius and Ultima Weapon were defeated, Nero was the only survivor of the XIVth Legion. Since Gaius had basically gone against orders and Nero had followed, he was basically branded a traitor and would die if he had returned home (though he still saw himself having the desires of his home in mind). Instead, he decided to seek more power... and heard tales of the Crystal Tower of Mor Dhona. Gathering adventurers as an Outlandish Man to pierce into the tower, he was scheming from the very beginning to get Garlond and his Ironworks to do the hard work and he would swoop in and get what he deserved. He could finally be proven as worthy of himself. He watched from afar as 24 adventurers went into the Labrynth of the Ancients, and managed to get to Sycrus Tower.

The Ironworks, G'raha Tia (an ally with Allagan blood), and the adventurers who seeked to figure this out were soon met by Doga and Unei, two strange people. Nero revealed these two as clones of Allagan royalty, and insisted on following the group. Why? So he wouldn't have to fight. One of the adventurers was Velas'a, however - and they could both recognize each other. Nero, of course, made sure not to mess with the person he'd screwed over - though he did feel a little better, knowing he wasn't the only traitor. Eventually, they all got to the top - and the group of adventurers managed to kill even the Emperor Xande.

Unknown to even Nero, Xande had made a contract signed in his very aether with the Cloud of Darkness, a Voidsent desiring to flood the world in pure Darkness. With Xandes' death, a gate to the Void opened - one which was far too dangerous to simply remain. As they stood to the gate to the Void, Doga and Unei were grabbed by the power of the Cloud of Darkness - since as they lived, the contract still existed. Nero desired their power still, and so decided to jump in after them. Somewhere in his mind he thought that this was the power he seeked - but he also felt an odd connection to the clones.

And so months went on. He shielded them from blows from the Void, letting the taint seep into him. For what purpose? Even Nero couldn't tell you at this point, even as his injuries allowed darkness to claw at his aether - his very soul. Even though the clones were protected from some, he still needed to fight off these monsters. As time passed, he lost his hope of being rescued... and he simply desired to survive. And maybe leave a mark on the Void.

His body was tinted purple by the Void flowing though his body, but Doga and Unei cured him of this... and left him, remaining in the Void to sever their contract with the Cloud of Darkness, being related to Xande. Nero was saved by Cid, and left the Tower behind. He never said goodbye to the group - even if G'raha ended up sealing himself in the Crystal Tower, to bring hope to future generations. (Or, you know, to be written out.)

Nero seemed to vanish from Eorzea while the Adventurers and the Warriors of Light both ended a war with dragons, and got to explore Allag ruins in the sky. Instead, he hoped to explore and find Omega - another ancient Allagan weapon, and a power he could try and conquer. Without that risk of the Void. Eventually, there was a disaster which required his aid - you see, a Primal was about to be summoned, and there needed to be a way to destroy it. So he suggested Omega. It awoke, and soared off to battle the new Primal, Shinryuu - before vanishing.

Of course, Nero decided to pursue with all his heart - and ended up being recruited by the Garlond Ironworks, to work alongside Cid.

After the Warriors of Light and adventurers both took down Shinryuu and liberated two countries from Garlean rule, Nero and Cid - and the other members of the Ironworks - finally made a breakthough, with a Chocobo-shaped thing called Alpha. They jumped into a strange pink pool and end up in the rift between dimentions. The group is nearly destroyed right then and there, but Omega deems them worthy to try fighting for their existance in this strange realm. Nero is curious - why does Omega wish to see them fight? Because Omega wants to fight the strongest being, and is trying to create fictional beings to figure out what it is. For Omega has no soul, and so cannot imagine. (But creating these beasts excites Nero.) He even gets to see the Warriors of Light take down not just Exdeath, but Exdeath EX!

But while this is happening, Biggs and Wedge are attacked by Omega, because Omega wants to figure out what a Hero is. And it thinks this motley crew are like the heroes from stories. Until Omega awakens again, however, Nero can simply wait... and go back to his books, to find other threats.
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[ It had not been a good day for Nero. As usual, for right now, he had been lingering in Mor Dhona. When he looked at people, he always felt a slight buzzing in his head - so he had adjusted his visor.

But then one had brushed against him, and Nero had fallen out cold. Those inside the bar had brought him in, and asked for the Scions to keep an eye on him while he woke up. As he twitched in his sleep, it had been worked out... it was an Echo-based dream.

Nero Tol Scaeva had the Echo.

Even though he was a Garlean - was it even possible? It had to be. It was thought - rightfully - that Nero wouldn't react well to that many people when he awoke. No matter what he'd seen, he would be either restless or angry. Probably both. As a precaution, his weapons had been stripped from him and he had been placed to rest softly.

As Nero did awaken from it, however, his lips were trembling. He kept his eyes closed, trying to shrink down. (For he thought he was alone. Please, let him be alone. Don't let him show weakness. Don't let his fear be visible.) ]

Hear... Think... Feel...?

[ The words didn't make sense to him, still. None of it really did. But, of course, he wasn't alone right now. ]


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